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Gourmet Rustic-Home Cooking
Private Chef-Catering

Born and raised in NYC, I lived a life with many multi cultural backgrounds. I have been cooking all my life and I have 25 years of food and restaurant experience under my belt. Through the years, I taught myself to cook delicious food using only fresh, quality ingredients. Many Italian Mother's friends and family-taught me their Traditional Italian Cuisine. I have a strong passion for the culinary arts, I consider myself an artist with food. I started doing it as a part-time business while I was still working in the food industry, before I took the business on full-time. Being born in New York, I was exposed to many types of different delicious cuisines and cultures. I was a manager at a restaurant lounge at the mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas Texas -5 Star-where I served-and took care of many high-profile people, from famous athletes-musicians-actors-princes-to presidents.

As a personal chef with a genuine passion for fresh gourmet cooking, I love being able to bring my talents to your special events and share my culinary creations with you and your guests.

I love food, I always have. It makes me happy to create delectable dishes from scratch, using only the finest ingredients that are sure to please the palate. I love working directly in various events to make sure my clients and their guests get nothing less than the tastiest appetizers, main courses, and desserts that will keep everyone coming back for more!

I specialize in adding my own touches to well-loved Mediterranean dishes. I love the feeling when people realize there's something wonderfully different and Special in a dish they know so well.